Salesforce Marketing Cloud Editions & Pricing Plans

In this blog post, we'll embark on a journey into the heart of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It explores its different editions and helps you navigate the options available to tailor your marketing strategy. Whether you are a small business looking to establish a digital presence or a large enterprise seeking scalability and advanced features, Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers a range of editions to suit diverse needs. The edition's prices declared in this blog are as of January 2024.
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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Products

Types of Salesforce Marketing Cloud for your Business

Data Cloud for Marketing

Transforming insights into impact for targeted, data-driven success.

The Data Cloud in Salesforce Marketing Cloud brings many data sources. It gives marketers a single and integrated platform for more insights into the collaborations and behaviors of their customers.

The vendors that are part of Salesforce have easy access to the consolidated data. They may spontaneously construct tailored and targeted marketing.

Sales and marketing teams have been given access to insightful data when Data Cloud is integrated with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It makes resolution easier and improves consumer involvement in general.

Top Features

Features Starter
Data Ingestion
Data Mapping
Data Transforms
Identity Resolution and Management
Unified Profiles
Calculated Insights
Real-Time Responsiveness
Ads Activation
Extend Your Data with an Open Ecosystem

Loyalty Management

Elevating engagement, rewarding loyalty

The Data Cloud in Salesforce Marketing Cloud brings many data sources. It gives marketers a single and integrated platform for more insights into the collaborations and behaviors of their customers.

Marketers may make use of the Marketing Cloud to personalize the messages by utilizing the engagement data. Recognizing consumer preferences facilitates more targeted and effective coherence. It also increases the influence of marketing initiatives.

Salesforce Loyalty Management provides valuable data on customer behavior when utilized with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Its data can be utilized to develop personalized and effective marketing strategies. It also enables marketers to make informed decisions.

Top Features

Features Starter Growth Advanced
Member Administration
Rewards Management
Benefits Management Static Full Full
Tableau CRM for Loyalty Management Base App 1 License 3 License 3 License
Dynamic Promotions Management
Partner Administration
Program Setup Single Program Single Program Multiple Program
Voucher Management
Loyalty Users 15 30 50
Decision Tables 50K API calls/day 100K API calls/day 500K API calls/day
Loyalty Events 1 million events/year 15 million events/year 50 million events/year

Marketing Cloud Advertising

Leverage your customer data and manage your advertising at scale.

Marketing Cloud Advertising helps you engage and advertise to your customers and prospects.

Messages remain consistent across social media, emails, and other platforms. It is useful for Marketing Cloud of Salesforce and Advertising. Marketing Cloud Advertising guarantees customers an enormous experience.

It offers a statistical analysis of campaign performance, which is very simple to interpret. With this data, marketers can make better choices, customize their ideas, and improve their return on their marketing flutter.

Top Features

Features Professional
Activate Your CRM Data for Advertising
Automatically Refresh Audiences
Real-Time Lead Capture
Journey Builder Advertising
Security and Access Controls

Marketing Cloud Intelligence

Use one platform for all your marketing data, investments, KPIs, and decisions.

The Marketing Cloud Intelligence Package of Salesforce makes it easy to collect. It is used to analyze data about clients, including their behavior and preferences. It gives guidelines for the invention of targeted and specialized marketing strategies. Marketing Cloud Intelligence provides intelligence predictions. It enables marketers to anticipate current trends and customer behaviors. Marketers can adapt their business strategies to evolving industrial trends and evolving consumer preferences.

With Marketing Cloud Intelligence, marketers and customers can achieve Artificial Intelligence-driven content personalization. It involves improving the client's experience and marketing efficiencies. It is also useful in customizing communications, and ideas for every individual customer.

Top Features

Features Starter Growth Plus
Data Integration Engine
Harmonisation Center
Data Visualisation & AI Insights
User 10 20 80
Rows 3M 20M 100M

Marketing Cloud Personalisation

Enable personalized content and offers across every channel.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization in Salesforce helps create custom experiences for every customer. With client preference data, marketers may target each individual with messages and content relevant to them. Customers are more involved and dedicated to personalizing the products.

Customers are more inclined to interact with an organization. They remain loyal to it when they receive communications that align with their significance. The marketers might modify messaging according to customer behavior using Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization. Thus, the marketing initiatives are more successful as the contents are valuable and enticing.

Top Features

Features Growth Premium
Website Data and Personalisation
Email Data and Personalisation
Segment and Rule-Based Decision
A/B/N Testing and Reporting
ML Product and Content Recommendations
AI-Driven Next-Best Action/Offer
Mobile App Data and Personalisation

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Grow faster with the marketing automation edition that fits your business.

Marketers can monitor how clients react to the messages and the contents using Salesforce's Marketing Cloud Account Engagement license. It provides knowledge about their preferences and methods of collaboration.

Marketers might develop close connections with their clients via account engagement. Providing the clients with communications and content that is appropriate to their interests will improve their overall experiences.

Using this, marketers could figure out the most effective ways to interact. By understanding what works for each customer, they can adjust when and how they send messages to make them more engaging and successful.

Top Features

Features Growth Plus Advanced Premium
Lead Generation, Qualification, and Management
Email Marketing and Personalisation
Advanced Automation, Personalisation, and Qualification
Advanced Analytics and Reporting
Business Units and Developer Sandboxes
Artificial Intelligence for Marketing and Sales
Predictive Analytics and Personalized Product Support

Marketing Cloud Engagement

Personalize and automate email, mobile, and web journeys for every customer at scale.

The Marketing Cloud Engagement package of Salesforce enables marketers to analyze how customers can engage with their emails and their content. It provides details about their interests and interaction patterns.

Marketers create more individualized experiences via the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement license. They may provide messages and information that are personalized to each recipient by observing how their customers interact.

Illustrating effective strategies improves marketing campaigns. Marketers can improve the efficiency of their efforts by using this data to target the proper audience and modify the content.

Top Features

Features Pro Corporate Enterprise
Email Marketing
Content Creation
Integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud
Journey Builder
Mobile Messaging
Powered by Einstein
Manage Multiple Businesses


Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers versatile editions for businesses, catering to small and large enterprises. Its features include Data Cloud, Loyalty Management, Advertising, Intelligence, and Personalization, enhancing marketing strategies and promoting data-driven success and customer engagement. For more details, contact the best salesforce company in USA.