What is the Salesforce Marketing Cloud? - Overview

This blog post describes How the salesforce marketing cloud boosts sales and revenue in addition to attracting new customers and keeping hold of existing ones. Focuses on various Salesforce marketing cloud products and when Salesforce CRM has replaced marketing cloud. It makes every moment count with Marketing Cloud.
By Vijay Raju
Asst. Software Developer
A businessperson's thoughts and ideas about the most common questions about implementing Salesforce software services

What is Marketing?

Marketing is the activity a business establishment or an individual undertakes to promote their services and products. Marketing involves promoting, advertising, and selling products and services to consumers.

Marketing aims to provide unique value to prospects and consumers through content demonstration. The product's value builds brand loyalty and boosts sales.

What makes Marketing necessary?

Introduction of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that manages customer relationships (CRM). Here, Marketers can connect with customers directly through any channel from any device at scale by building a single trusted platform with intelligence.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud's powerful features, specially designed platforms, and apps. It makes it easy to connect with your customers through a single touch. It is specially designed for marketing automation across email, social media, mobile apps, e-commerce, customer community, websites & etc.

Marketing Cloud was founded in 2000 under the name Exact Target. Exact Target was renamed Salesforce Marketing Cloud in 2014 after its acquisition by Salesforce.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) is a Salesforce product not built on the core Salesforce platform; instead, connectors sync data between your core Salesforce org and your SFMC account. SFMC's features will make you realize how powerful it is. Marketers can understand the customers and offer them what they want.

Why should I use Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

  • Automate real-time customer journeys based on customer behaviour for personalized marketing messages.
  • To send mobile push notifications, including in-app notifications.
  • This allows businesses to engage with their audience across different channels from any device, including email, social media, mobile, and advertising.
  • To do robust analytics and create reports to help organizations measure the success of their marketing campaigns.
  • To create email marketing & SMS monitoring and sending.
  • To accelerate business in the 360-degree view by using a single platform. It connects with the right person, the right way, at the right time with Marketing Cloud.
  • To target online advertising that allows you to build lookalike audiences that behave like your current high-volume customers.
  • To do data management / ETL activities such as importing files, file transfer, data extraction, SQL query, filtering, and script. This feature is extremely useful in creating multi-step automated workflows.

    How does the Salesforce Marketing Cloud help businesses increase their Sales?

    Let's take a real-time scenario for choosing the marketing cloud,

    Consider ABC is one of the IT companies in India that is using Salesforce CRM to maintain customer details. Recently, the company went to an IT Expo where the IT professionals explored the things on display and were interested in choosing the companies for their business. The ABC company has a stall to promote its services and products at that expo. They got many leads in that expo and struggled to follow their.leads. Due to manual follow-up, they missed many leads. So, they decided to automate their follow-ups by using email notifications and SMS, transferring the lead details, maintaining customer relationships, getting analytics results, etc.

    For the above scenario, Salesforce Marketing Cloud perfectly matches ABC company's need to automate its marketing activities.

What are the features/products available in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Some of the stand-out features of the Salesforce marketing cloud are discussed below.

  • Web Studio enables beautiful and dynamic web pages. Also, Web Studio allows you to supervise each customer's action in real time and gather features to improve future publications.

  • Social Studio is a tool for managing, scheduling, and tracking social media posts across multiple platforms.

  • Mobile Studio It can send consistent SMS, chat app messages, and push notifications in real-time.

  • Journey Builder It delivers a personalized experience of every step of the customer life cycle and campaign management.

  • Audience Builder Audience Builder can capture data from any source or device and join, segment, and activate audiences to create relevant customer experiences.

  • Advertising Studio It uses CRM to securely power one-on-one advertisements over Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest and display them at scale.

  • Automation Studio Executing multi-step marketing and data management activities on an immediate, triggered, or scheduled basis is functional.

  • Email Studio It can facilitate you using data from every department to build more brilliant email templates. It can be done from essential marketing campaigns to advanced one-on-one messages.

  • Content Builder It is a powerful tool for organizing and sharing content with your organization for your marketing and communication campaigns.

What are the benefits of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

  • Customer engagement is nurturing the relationship between a brand, company, or business and its consumers to maximize customer retention.

  • Generate Leads is the process of gaining the interest of potential customers to increase future sales.

  • Access your data anywhere without setting up any hardware; turn to cloud computing

  • The organization can better understand the customer's processes, needs, and perceptions by putting itself in the customer's mind through the journey mapping process.

  • To increase sales, Salesforce Marketing Cloud integrates powerful tools like audience segmentation, personalized messaging, and multi-channel campaigns, creating a dynamic approach that effectively drives engagement and conversion rates.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a dynamic solution for businesses that enhances customer engagement and drives sales. It offers robust features like Web Studio, Social Studio, and Mobile Studio, catering to diverse marketing needs. ABC Company's real-time scenario demonstrates how Marketing Cloud automates processes for efficient lead follow-ups. It focuses on personalized messaging and multi-channel campaigns, maximizing customer retention and generating leads. Explore the platform's comprehensive features and benefits at aintirum.in for a deeper understanding.