Salesforce Field Service Lightning For Service Management

Salesforce Field Service Lightning is a management software that enhances customer experience by managing orders, & enhancing customer satisfactions.
By Mohanapriya Shanmugavel
Asst. Software Developer
A businessperson's thoughts and ideas about the most common questions about implementing Salesforce software services

Salesforce Field Service Lightning for Service Management

This blog will delve into the key features that make FSL a standout solution in the Salesforce ecosystem. Those unfamiliar with the platform might be wondering how FSL can impact daily operations and improve overall efficiency. Fear not – we aim to demystify the capabilities of FSL and illustrate how businesses, regardless of their size or industry, can benefit.

What is field service lightning?

Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL) is an application that enhances the customer experience through field services. It is a cloud-based solution that provides end-to-end solutions for managing and tracking field service activities and optimizing operations across the entire service chain on one platform.

For example, when customers face any issues with their product, they will connect with the call centre agent, who will analyze the problem and create a case to inform the service team. Then, the dispatcher will schedule the service appointment and assign a technician based on the required skills, location and availability. Technicians will receive the posted job from the dispatcher, and they will update the job status/progress. Technicians will go to the site, perform the assigned services, and report on completion. This is the generic workflow of the service lifecycle in every business.

Here, we can split the above workflow into two parts,
  • Pre Service
  • Field Service

Pre-service includes activities such as providing the customers with the proper channels to raise the request, tracking the request as a case, and assigning those to the appropriate service team. Pre-service activities can be managed by implementing the Service Cloud. Once a case is created, it will be assigned to the dispatcher, who can handle work assignments for technicians. From here, field service and the usage of Field Service Lightning start.

  • Work Order Generation
  • Log the details like service type, customer location, parts needed, etc.,

  • Schedule Appointment
  • Find a convenient time for the customer as well as the slot availability of technicians to book an appointment.

  • Dispatch Work Order
  • Forward the service appointment to the appropriate field technician, and they will get a mobile notification.

  • Field Visit and Close
  • Visit the customer’s location, complete the work and close the case.

Who can learn FSL?

Business Analyst

Learning about FSL helps business analysts understand how it can be tailored to meet specific business needs and to improve on business improvements and project successes.

Salesforce Administrators

Admins can learn FSL to implement and optimize field service solutions.

Salesforce Developers

Developers can learn FSL to customize and extend the platform's functionality to meet specific business requirements.

Field Service Managers

Field service managers can learn FSL to optimize their processes.

Anyone interested in Field Service Management

Those who are interested in field service management, regardless of their role, can learn FSL to learn how Salesforce can be used in field service operations.

Why should I learn FSL?

In the modern world, Salesforce Field Service Lightning is a tool that can transform field service management with more options and benefits.

Learning Salesforce Field Service Lightning can give you the following benefits if you are in field service management

Optimize Field Service Operations

Salesforce FSL is designed to manage and optimize field service operations. By using Salesforce FSL, we can schedule and dispatch the field services teams quickly and more efficiently.

Career Opportunities

As organizations increasingly adopt Salesforce solutions, including FSL, there is a growing demand for professionals with expertise in these technologies. So, learning FSL can open up new career opportunities in field service management.

Certification Validation

Salesforce offers official certifications for FSL. By learning and earning the official Salesforce FSL certificate, you can be a validated candidate, which will help you get good career prospects.

Stay Competitive in the Industry

Staying competitive in the current technologies helps you stay ahead in today's job market. Learning FSL can help you be a valuable employee of your organization.

Contribute to Business Transformation

In Field Service Management, Salesforce FSL is a tool that can efficiently transform your business into digitalization. By learning FSL, you can contribute to driving positive change in your organization.

Community and Networking Opportunities

Salesforce has a vibrant and supportive community. In the Salesforce community, you can connect with professionals to share your thoughts and collaborate. Engaging with the community helps you find opportunities for continuous learning.

Salesforce Field Service Management helps with your Business Growth

Managing a team of service technicians and the field force is one of the most complex tasks for any organization. Salesforce Field Service Lightning is a powerful tool beyond conventional field service management. It offers many benefits to businesses aiming to deliver successful field service to achieve customer satisfaction.

1. Scheduling

FSL has a scheduling algorithm to schedule service appointments. This algorithm considers factors like the technician's skills, location, and availability. Companies can optimize the field service schedules and minimize travel time and fuel expenses. It also ensures that the right person with the right skills has been assigned to each service.

2. Customer Communication

Customers can get updates on service dates, technicians’ arrival times, operating hours and job status. FSL enables even two-way communication between the customer and the technician. This helps with customer satisfaction and trust.

3. Work Order Management

Businesses can create, manage and track work orders by using FSL. This will help ensure services are completed efficiently.

4. Mobile Accessibility

FSL equips field service technicians with a mobile application. It helps them access critical information from anywhere virtually, whether they are on-site with a customer. It is en route to a job or in between assignments. They can view their work, customer details, scheduling changes, or real-time updates through the mobile app.

5. Inventory Management

FSL includes features for inventory and parts management. Businesses can track and manage stock levels and order replenishment. It ensures that the technicians have the necessary parts to complete their assignments. This reduces delays and enhances overall service delivery.

6. Route Optimization

FSL enhances planning and optimization of travel routes for field service technicians to ensure they reach their destinations in the most efficient and timely manner. This considers factors like traffic and location. This not only reduces travel time and fuel expenses but also allows organizations to serve more customers in a given time frame.


Field Service Lightning is a solution that takes service management to the next level. It helps businesses manage and track their field service activities. Whether you’re a new trailblazer or looking to expand the already existing setup, we’re here to guide you. Keep in touch, we will keep you updated.