Salesforce Field Service Lightning Package Installation

This blog provides an in-depth understanding of Salesforce Field Service (FSL), including licensing requirements, personas, Setup, objects. We use a demonstrative approach, and it is available for new users.
By Surya VijayaKumar
Asst. Software Developer
A businessperson's thoughts and ideas about the most common questions about implementing Salesforce software services

What is Salesforce Field Service Lightning?

Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL) is a Salesforce product that connects customers, workforce, and products to deliver exceptional on-site services. It allows customer support teams to delegate work intelligently to field service technicians and monitor them constantly. FSL combines three essential elements of a business: customers, products, and workforce. Features include accurate time schedules, recognition of individual technician abilities, electronic signature facility, easy service management by supervisors through map views or Gantt graphs, and configurable work structure, service guidelines, and basic requirements. FSL is available in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

Installing and Setting up Field Service Lightning

Enable Field Service Lightning

  • Go to Setup → Enter Field Service in the Quick Find box → Select Field Service Settings.
  • Enable the Field Service toggle button; once enabled, a list of configurations allows the admin to control various FSL settings.

Install the Managed Package

  • To install FSL managed package navigate to this link:
  • Select ‘Install in Production or Sandbox’ based on the environment you’re using.
  • Select ‘Install for Admins Only’ and approve the request to provide access to third-party sites which is needed for street-level routing and optimization services to function.
  • You’ll receive an email notification once the installation is complete.

Once the package is installed, you will be able to see the apps for Field Service Lightning.

  • The Field Service app for dispatchers. The Field Service tab in this app leads to the dispatcher console where dispatchers can manage their service schedules.

  • The Field Service Admin app is for administrators. The Field Service Settings tab in this app leads to the managed package settings like manage scheduling, optimization and dispatcher console settings.

Setup Field Service Users and Permission Sets

To set up the field service users, the FSL-managed package comes up with the permission sets. Below is the list of Roles/Users and the Permission Sets needed for each of the roles.

Role Description Permission Sets and Licenses
Administrator Field Service Admins install and set up FSL to their business needs. Field Service Admin Permissions
Field Service Admin License
Agents Agents who attend the service calls from customers, handle inbound cases, create work orders and book appointments. Field Service Agent Permissions
Field Service Agent License
Dispatchers Dispatchers who manage and assign service appointment to the service technicians using the dispatcher console which is from the managed package. Field Service Dispatcher Permissions
Field Service Dispatcher License
Mobile workers or Technicians Technicians who receive the work order and service appointment from dispatchers through the mobile. They are the ones who visit the customer's place and perform the service. Field Service Scheduling License
Field Service Mobile License
FSL Resource License
FSL Resource Permissions
Contractors Contractors who may be mobile workers, dispatchers, or office staff work based on the contracts which will be temporary or seasonal. Field Service Dispatcher Plus Login-Based
Field Service Scheduling Login-Based
Field Service Mobile Login-Based
Self service (Customers) Self service persona is your customers and they can access their service appointments through public sites based on your configurations. Field Service Self Service Permissions
Field Service Self Service License
Field Service Guest User License
Custom Personas What if none of the above roles doesn't fit your business, no worries, you can clone the managed package's permission sets and update the permissions as needed. Custom Permissions
Installing Permission Sets

App Launcher ➡️ Field Service Admin app ➡️ Field Service Settings tab ➡️ Permission Sets sub tab. All the in-built permission sets are listed here, click Create Permissions on all of the tiles and Save. That’s it! All of our permission sets are created now.

Configure Users

Setup ➡️ Permission Sets ➡️ Field Service Admin Permissions ➡️ Manage Assignments ➡️ Add Assignments and choose the user who will be taking care of your FSL admin role and click Assign.All done! In a similar way, you can configure every player of your FSL team.


Great! You've made progress in setting up and configuring Field Service Lightning (FSL) in Salesforce. Keep in touch, we will deep dive into the FSL features in our upcoming blogs. For more clarification, visit